Stitch Fix #8 Review + Giveaway

Stitch Fix #8 Review + Giveaway

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Stitch Fix Patterns

My stylist, Brookelyn, just seems to GET me. I had a 5/5 box! I kept everything, which is awesome because when you keep all 5 items, you get a 20% discount!

41Hawthorn Shara Herringbone Vest – $68 [Keep]

Shara Herringbone Vest

This vest is most commonly known to Stitch Fix lovers as “The Vest” because it is so popular and everyone talks about it. I actually wanted it so badly that I found a look-a-like on another website. It is a different color and has a little bit of different detail. The 41Hawthorn one definitely fits better and is made of thicker material.

Herringbone Vests

I am so in  love with this vest, can’t you tell??

41 Hawthorn Shara Herringbone Vest

Here’s a side view. I just love the cut of the vest.

41 Hawthorn Shara Herringbone Vest Stitch Fix

41Hawthorn McQue Solid Lace Sleeve Blouse – $48 [Keep]

McQue Solid Lace Sleeve

I had seen this shirt on Pinterest and wasn’t really interested in it. I thought the sleeves looked funny. But how many times have I been surprised when I tried something on and it wasn’t at all like what I thought.

41Hawthorn McQue Solid Lace Sleeve Blouse

I love this shirt!! All it needs is a statement necklace and I’m ready to go out. The sleeves are just amazing. The lace detail is beautiful.

McQue Solid Lace Sleeve Detail

There’s more!! Read the full review and enter the giveaway on my blog Rocky Mountain Savings here.

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