Stitch Fix #5 Review – July 2015

Stitch Fix #5 Review – July 2015

Stitch Fix Patterns

I kept EVERYTHING in my last Stitch Fix so I requested the same stylist, Brookelyn, and asked her to style me in some great pieces for weddings and bridal parties. Tis the season for weddings!

Skies Are Blue Moraga Cut Out Detail Blouse – $48 [Keep]

I am obsessed with this shirt. I was just out shopping with my mom and she was telling me I need to wear more of a certain color. THIS is the color! I love the detail. The arm holes are big, and I know that bothers some people so I thought I would mention it. However, they are not too low and my bra doesn’t show.

Skies are Blue Moraga Cut Out Detail Blouse - Stitch Fix #5

Eight Sixty Kip Dress – $64 [Return]

This dress could be cute with some accessorizing, but it did not fit me in the hips. The pattern doesn’t thrill me but I love the colors.

Eight Sixty Kip Dress - Stich Fix #5

For some reason I really like the zipper in the back.

Eight Sixty Kip Dress Back - Stich Fix #5

There’s more!! Read the full review on my blog Rocky Mountain Savings here.

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