Stitch Fix #11 Review {It’s Mah Birfday} + A $50 Gift Card Giveaway

Stitch Fix #11 Review {It’s Mah Birfday} + A $50 Gift Card Giveaway

Stitch Fix #11

January 7 is my birthday! I actually changed the date of my monthly Stitch Fix delivery so that my Fix would arrive in time. My note to my stylist stated that I was willing to splurge because it is my birthday month, and I wanted to look glam but modest for my big day! I also requested Brookelyn or Mayte style me, because they have sent me the best boxes so far.

Now I have to admit that I peek. When you get notification that your Fix has shipped, the link to checkout shows up online. If you click this link, all the items they sent you are listed (no pictures unless you have the iPhone app) with prices. I always search the internet for the items because I HAVE to know. What I have found is that first impressions are not always right. I might be disappointed after I peek, but after I try on the clothes my attitude does a 180. And my first impression for this box was not great. Two items I couldn’t find online, so there is still hope. I was expecting more dresses. From what I found online, this fix was not as glam as I was hoping.

But then the box arrived. Let’s see how they did! To see my fix and enter to win a $50 Stitch Fix gift card, read my post HERE.

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    • I loved the floral shirt! thanks for the good reviews and advice!


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